Primary Operations:
Brown and Sharpe max capacity 2-3/8"
CNC Lathes/Vert. mach. centers max capacity 2-1/2" | chucking max capacity 10"
CNC Swiss max capacity 1 1/2"
Davenport max capacity 7/8"
New Britain max capacity 2-1/4"
Swiss type cam type capacity 3/8" | nc type capacity 1"
Wickman max capacity 1-3/4"
Secondary Operations:
Assembly Bore  
Broach Burnish  
Drill Hone  
Lap Mill  
Punch Press Roll Marking  
Slotting Stamping  
Tap Thread Roll  
Tumble Welding  
Tool Manufacturing:
EDM Capabilities
Tool and Cutter Grinder  
Strausak CNC Tool Grinder  
Line Card  
Sample Parts Photo  
Units specified are Customer Satisfaction
and tolerances are: 100% +/- .000
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