May 2nd, 2022   Metric Machining acquires a new Fanuc C400iC EMD systems...more >
September 1st, 2021   Metric Machining receives a new IFP KP HMA 100 parts cleaning system...more >
August 23rd, 2019   Metric Machining adds a Citizen L12 Type VII to it's CNC swiss lineup...more >
March 20th, 2018:   Metric Machining receives a pair of Nowak davenport style screw machines...more >
September 9th, 2016:   Metric Machining receives a new Citizen A20...more >
March 3rd, 2015:   Metric acquires another remanufactured davenport style screw machine...more >
March 17th, 2015:   Another remanufactured Davenport style screw machine arrives at Metric Machining...more >
Octbober 1st, 2014:   Metric Machining receives new Citizen CNC Swiss L20 Type 12....more >
September 13th, 2014:   Metric receives Devenport #27...more >
July 26th, 2014:   Metric receives Devenport #26...more >
May 1st, 2014:   Congratulations to Erika Farias...more >
April 14th, 2014:   Metric receives Devenport #25...more >
February 12th, 2014:   Did you know that today is Going Metric Day?...more >
January 21st, 2014:   Metric Machining meets with Workshops for Warriors...more >
December 2nd, 2013:   Metric receives delivery of another remanufactured Davenport style screw machine...more >
September 1st, 2013:   Metric Machining celebrates 40th Anniversary...more >
August 21st, 2013:   Congresswoman Gloria Negrete McLeod visits Metric Machining...more >
December 7th, 2012:   Metric receives new Tsugami 38mm swiss type lathe...more >
December 6th, 2012:   Metric begins in-house machine rebuilding prgoram...more >
November 24th, 2012:   Metric receives new Nowak Davenport Number 3...more >
August 29th, 2012:   Production Machining feature article on Metric Machining...more >
July 15th, 2012:   Metric acquires a new Micro Vu Vertex 220 vision measuring system...more >
July 1st, 2012   Metric acquires another remanufactured Nowak davenport style screw machine...more >
November 11th, 2011   Tsugami BE 20v swiss lathe #8 is placed into production...more >
July 18th, 2011   Metric Machining acquires 2 new Tsugami BE 20v swiss lathes...more >
February 1st, 2011   Metric Machining acquires a new Nowak davenport style screw machine...more >
October 25th, 2010   Metric featured in CNC West article...more >
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