News - Metric acquires Micro Vu Vertex 220 vision measuring system.
July 15th, 2012  
Metric Machining acquires the latest addition to our family of quality assurance systems.
The Micro Vu Vertex 220 is an automated vision based measuring center with accuracies of .00004 of an inch.
  Our Vertex 220 and the InSpec automation software
allows us to analyze product quality during inspection
with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

This latest addition allows us to analyze parts and to statistically monitor external dimensions and features including
concentricity, angle, roundness, flatness, true position and perpendicularity.

These tests can then be saved and reused on later jobs drastically reducing the time it takes to test parts for compliance.

Real-time performance of each job on our floor can be verified using statistical data and graphs
which can then be shared with our Customers.

Full dimensional reports can be generated on parts brought to us by our customers as a form of independent testing.

Reverse engineering is possible with this system for parts where the original plans no longer exist.

The end result of this capability is a better quality product for our customers and for that we're very excited.

Units specified are Customer Satisfaction
and tolerances are: 100% +/- .000
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