Working with no lead brass and low lead brass use different production methods than regular leaded brass formulas and we are prepared to handle these new processes.
Our engineers are experienced in designing solutions for different no lead brass formulas.

  no lead

Our production methods include completely isolated material handling.
We use dedicated reclamation and recycling systems.
No lubricants or parts wash reagents are comingled between conventional processes and no lead processes.


Our machine operators, parts washers and shipping/receiving personnel are trained to know the different production and handling requirements for these formulas as well.


It is important to understand that 'no lead' and 'low lead' brass manufacturing are essentially the same thing...more challenging than conventional leaded brass processes.


We can also store and manage customer supplied brass substitutes.
In other words, if you wanted to supply the substitute, we'll seperately store the material
and finished product, start to finish.


We understand this and are prepared to meet these manufacturing challenges.
After all, we've been working with brass for almost 40 years.

Units specified are Customer Satisfaction
and tolerances are: 100% +/- .000
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